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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Religious Freedom redux

Just a quick follow up to my post here about the tolerance that is shown to Christians in this country. Read this article and weep - a man is being made to choose between his job and his desire to evangelize (via a Christian radio program)! We are not talking about a situation where the radio job would interfere with his primary job. What is this country becomming?

Here is the million dollar line in the story?

"Kelly McBride, who teaches journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla., said Turner's behavior, on and off the air, casts doubts on his journalistic objectivity... "There is this standard in the industry that you forgo much of your personal First Amendment rights so that the (news) corporation can exercise its First Amendment rights," she said..." (emphasis mine)

Katie Couric....Meridith Viera...please call you agents....your contract could be in jeopardy!


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