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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prune an oak, get a...bigger oak

I rarely disagree with Captain Ed, but we depart on point.
In a recent post he referred to the disaster in New Orleans. No, I don't mean Katrina. I mean the man made disaster called "government help". Near the end of his post, he says "
Bureaucracies don't work for emergency response efforts, and FEMA isn't unique among government agencies either. Solving the problem requires a different model, one that puts more of the decision-making power into local hands while assisting them financially." I would add the word "local" or "state" before financially. There is no such a thing as "small" or "minute" or in government. Nothing shrinks. FEMA started as a very small independent agency. Little Jimmy "I Want a Nobel Prize So Badly, I'll Sell Myself Out" Carter decided that bigger is more efficient (which seems to be a virus that seems to infect all people whose principal office is either oval or under a marble dome).
FEMA was once non-existent. San Francisco came back from a $300,000,000,000 disaster a century ago without FEMA. Same for Chicago in 1871. Same for Gavelston, TX in 1900.
So, Ed, never ever think anything in government will stay small.
Ever heard of Medicare?


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