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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The problem with donuts is that there's too many calories in them

Seems that the rant again from Minneapolis is that there are too many guns on the street:
"The Rev. Ian Bethel, co-chairman of the Police-Community Relations Council, said the council plans to make sure the department does a thorough investigation of the crash. But he also made a plea for the community to work to get guns off the street."
Why not get the thugs, punks and bangers who use guns off the street instead. The one banger who was killed in this accident will not be involveed in any more drive by shootings I'd wager. Nor will he go to any movies playing near Block E with a firearm and shoot an innocent bystander. And he won't be shooting up any neighborhoods where innocent little girls are doing their homework. No matter how many firearms are on the street, this banger won't be using any. Now, if all bangers were off the the math.


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