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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pariahs of the Republican Party (Unclean! Unclean!)

This morning I received an email from a good friend of mine who seems to share a common thought with other liberty loving, Constitution respecting, smaller government desiring soon to be former voters for Republicans. The thought we share is in the last seven words of the previous sentence. His suggestion was to sit out the November elections. Or even vote for a Democrat. His, and our frustration boileth over. And all our elected representatives, from locals to state to federal, are oblivious or nearly so. I sense that the "I'll hold my nose and vote for him/her" feeling of the past is rapidly evaporating as many of us see only one political party: The Party of Big, Intrusive Government with it's two wings-The Left Wing where no tax is high enough, no amount of money is ever enough for any program, any slow down of the rate of increase in spending is termed "draconian cuts" any and all taxes are on the backs of the poor. And we have the Right Wing where they believe the same thing, but just a little less. And the politicos will leap to their own defense-and fail miserably. When we see all these increases in spending and intrusiveness.
A decade ago I received this Imprimis in the mail. I read it and was very heartened. We Reagan conservatives were off the beach and into the interior. We were on our way. We had opened up a front in the 1994 elections. We kept Bill Clinton in check. And I kept thinking about Imprimis over the next ten years as I watched Republicans become more and more like the lefties I thought we had finally defeated. And over the last five years I've watched "us" morph into "them". I wrote to Mr. Norquist about his article. And he wrote back that, in essence, it was taking more time than he thought it would. I wrote that I was rapidly losing hope. He replied that I should hang in there. That people of my political bent were needed. I doubt it. I'm only pandered to with statements. Words are cheap. And this from Arlen Specter:"
the Republican party of the 21st Century is "now principally moderate, if not liberal.""And we had a real conservative to run against Arlen. But GWB campaigned against him in the run up to the primary to support Arlen.

And the Hugh Hewitts of the world keep exhorting us to keep voting for these same people with the warning "It could be worse!!!"
I find no comfort with a broken arm with a Hugh Hewitt telling me "The Democrats would have broken BOTH arms!" These Republicans will be breaking my other arm soon enough.


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