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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Open mouth, insert foot.

You all remember when Senator Dean Johnson said (to a group of fellow pastors) that the Marriage Amendment was not necessary because he had the assurances of certain members of the State Supreme Court that they would not touch marriage because "we stand for election too". Well, now the state board of judicial standards is investigating the 7 sitting Supreme Court Justices to make sure that no inappropriate conversations took place. If (as Senator Johnson first claimed) the Justiced did indeed assure Senator Johnson that they would not act on the current marriage statute, then they are guilty of making a "ruling" on a case before a case is even brought before them. If (as the Senator now contends) those conversations did not take place, that Senator Johnson "embellished" the story, when then he is guilty of lying to these pastors! Either way, Senator Johnson is in trouble.


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