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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nick is wrong, but right

Nick Coleman...nah, I'm not gonna beat him up..too badly.
Today he screams that "democracy is getting nuked" by the stadium deal.
Well, no it's not. This is democracy on parade and display. This is exactly what democracy looks like and how it works. The residents of Hennepin County are in the minority compared to the rest of the state. Nicky asks what we have here in Minnesota: a representative democracy, corporate government or just plain tyranny? Yes to two and possibly the third. We have a representative democracy in function. What we are supposed to have is a representative republic that is constitutionally mandated and therefore constitutionally limited. In a democracy might and the majority make right. Period. Not so in what should be our constitutional republic. In a democracy the minority have no protection. In a constitutional republic each citizen is protected.
No groups can have either rights or privledges as it's the citizen that is protected. In a democracy the rule of people is supreme. In a constitutional republic, the law is supreme. A democracy can be called the tyranny of the masses. What the majority want, the majority gets. Or without the constraints of a constitution,what the majority of the representatives want, they get. I once heard that a gang rape and a lynching are democratic events.
So, Hennepin County...too bad for you. We have a democracy, not a republic. And really, too bad for all the non-Minneapolis residents as the stadium is not a travelling stadium. After all, look at the great deal Sharon Sayles Belton and the Minneapolis City Council did with the Target Center. Wonder why they didn't want to repeat that great inner city victory and triumph of left wing thinking ?
The Founding Fathers did not trust democracy. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution does the term "democracy" exist.And the reason it doesn't is evidenced by the Stadium deal.
So, Nicky, how does it feel to be hoisted on your own petard? Adios constitutional republic, hello, hail and welcome to democracy.
It sure do hurt,don't it Nicky?
Now, go read Bastiat's "The Law".


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