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Friday, April 07, 2006

Nick Coleman, Doctor Emeritus of Hypocrisy

Ahhhh, Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Do you have any idea how many RATIONAL ,THINKING people find you such a rich source of ironic humor? In your recent screed, you whine that the Somali community deserves an apology from us cracker members of the KKK . That there was a description of the assailants of Mr. Zebuhr possibly being Somali, or East Africans. You go on your lefty racist rant that "bad guys are bad guys whatever their color or caliber they carry." Not from your point Nicky. I noticed that you and your employer never even gave a partial, let alone full description of the assailants (though it was readily and almost immediately available from the police), other than to say "suspects" or "anyone with information on the robbery...". At least KSTP was trying to eliminate suspects. But not you guys. You excoriate KSTP and others by saying "Other TV stations followed Channel 5's lead. An entire ethnic group was under suspicion, without any description of what the killers looked like. " You guys never gave ANY description so therefore ALL "ethnic" groups were under suspicion. How many people got into cars that evening? How many "young men" were in Uptown that day? And the Stars official policy "At the Star Tribune, newsroom policy allows the race of suspects to be reported when race "can be used as part of larger description of a crime suspect," including "standard categories of identification such as age, build or weight, height and hair style or color, or includes some of those categories plus other very specific identifiers such as scars or clothing."

If police are looking for a 5-foot-10 black suspect about 20 years old weighing 180 pounds in a Vikings jacket with a tattoo on his face, shaved head and an apparent Somali accent, that should make it into the newspaper. But "police are looking for a Norwegian or possibly a Scandinavian"?" No Nick, you moron. But, you hypocritical twit, you didn't do that did you? That was the type of description on the police blotter that YOU refused to run. White, black, Hispanic, Asian. That helps. But, that's not what you said. What you said was "two youths","suspects", "anyone with information..." with no description other than "young males"? That's your version of Norwegian possibly Scandinavian. You're an idiot Nick. No, worse. By deliberately refusing to issue a full and complete description of the assailants , you let these thugs and murderers run lose. You did nothing to bring them to justice.You endangered many others by willfully refusing to help in their apprehension. And now that we know they were and are black, you also endangered other blacks by not giving that full description that would have aided in their apprehension, as most violence by blacks is against other blacks. And you dare preach to us. Shut up, you weasel.Do something useful and helpful Nick, like writing ad copy for mortgage brokers or something. But, don't ever, ever preach to me, you pusillanimous hypocrite.
Anti-Strib nails it really well.

There. I've vented and feel such a sense of closure over this and really feel like we've bridged our differences here...


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