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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My man Howie is back in the news!

DNC Chairman Howard Dean, the conservative bloggers best friend, was back in the news this week. Chairman Dean announced this week that border control was a "top priority" for the DNC in this election. Unfortunately, he is still calling for a version of anmesty for the illegals that are here.

" Mr. Dean said he wants "immigrants who obey the law and pay taxes to be able to apply for citizenship. We support earned legalization vigorously. And, much to my surprise, so do the American people."

However, this new found interest in immigration reform puts him at odds with thise members of his party in the House and Senate.

" Not true, said Mr. (Steve) King (R-IA), who represents a district along the Missouri River in western Iowa. He said 200 Democrats voted against a bill passed by the House in December that mandates stronger border security. "

Meanwhile, Conservatives in the House and Senate are taking notice of Chairman Dean's newfound interest in the issue.

"Mr. Dean's advocacy of "tough border control" this week -- at an event at which the DNC chief outlined his party's November election strategy -- shows clearly that Mr. Dean has seen polls showing that Americans are fed up with the federal government's failure to secure the nation's borders, said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican. "It's another indication of just how stupid the Republican Party is when they say we better not go after immigration as an issue, we better not go after border security as an issue," said Mr. Tancredo, a longtime advocate of immigration reform."

Meanwhile the Las Vegas Sun points out the one thing that, if the RNC is smart they will take advantage of in a hurry!

"Ask Democratic leaders to identify their party's election-year message and you get everything but consensus.
Ahead in polls, Democrats are divided over whether they already have - or even need - a national theme that tells voters exactly where the party stands.
"One message? Hmmm. I don't know. Let me think about it," Alvaro Cifuentes said after a long pause. Several minutes later, the head of the Democratic National Committee's Hispanic Caucus said, "You can't try to simplify your politics with a slogan. You can't."

As long as the Democrats continue to drift with no cohesive message, the Republicans should have no problems gaining seats in November. Of course that depends on whether the Republicans remember what it means to be a Republican and they legislate that way. If they continue to legislate as Democrats, then the base will stay home on Election Day and they (the Republican leadership in the House and Senate) will be the ones responsible for handing over to the Dems, the keys to the Capital.


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