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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The mainstream media....missing in action

"I'm sitting in the dark on the edge of a camp for displaced people in Darfur. I can hear the loud, persistent crying of one child rising above the murmur of the camp as the people settle down for the night. "

Thus begins a BBC News article on a subject that you probably have not heard anything about here in the US media.

"A UN force for Darfur is still in the planning stages, an attempt to punish Sudanese leaders with sanctions has been blocked, and relief agencies have been denied access to 300,000 people desperately in need of emergency supplies."

Says this article from the Independent (UK - payment required).

This sad, sad story has been brewing for years. Twenty one years to be exact and it is yet another example shining example of the actions of the "religion of peace" - for you see the aggressors in this are Muslim militias!

When are we going to see something about this story in the American media?


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