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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Immigration follies

A lot has been said about the immigration "reform" package that failed in the Senate on April 9. Leaders on both sides of the aisle laid the blame at the others feet. However it was interesting to see what the "unbiased" media had to say about the issue.

The NY Times had
this to say:

"No one but the senators has any interest in who did what to whom. The Democrats' motives were undoubtedly less than pristine. But Democrats also had a lot to worry about. The House had already passed a hard-line bill that would make the current immigration situation worse on every possible front. It's not surprising that some Democrats wanted some sort of guarantee that the bill the Senate was to send out — which was already very much a compromise — would not be watered down further. "

Wow - the Times comes down hard on the Dems.

"And Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist showed leadership by reaching out to the other side.
Too bad you can't say the same for Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who was the villain in this drama."

Said Ruben Navarrette of the San Diego Union Tribune. More from Mr. Navarrette:

"Some Latino leaders don't think it'll be that easy. Cecilia Munoz, vice president of the National Council of La Raza, told me: ``I don't believe that it's wise for Democrats to come to our community and ask for votes by saying: 'Hey, we kept an immigration bill from going forward.' ... People understand when they're being used.''
Even so, it looks like Reid and the Democrats orchestrated the perfect deception. Trouble is, they left fingerprints."

"Frank Sharry, the executive director of the liberal National Immigration Forum, said in a statement: ``We cannot escape the conclusion that the Democratic Senate leadership was more interested in keeping the immigration issue alive in the run-up to midterms than in enacting immigration reform legislation.''

Finally the Washington Times had this to say:

"But Mr. Frist, of Tennessee, would not commit to bringing another immigration bill to the floor before the election. "I intend to," is all he would say, but he added that it would depend on the schedule, already packed with other legislation. "

More than likely, immigration reform is dead for this election season. The Republicans need to press on the facts that even the NY Times admits - the Democratics are (again) responsible for the lack of action on meaningful reform in DC and it is time to get a real Republican majority in order for the people's business to finally get done!


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