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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm from the government and I'm here to...make your life a living hell!

We all knew it would happen sooner or later-and that history repeats itself.
We now hear all the screaming and yelling about "windfall profits", the need for "Congressional investigations on price gouging" with oil at $75/bbl. And the lefties and neocons (who are seemingly the lefties brother separated at birth) are shrieking that they ALL know exactly how to solve this:
GWB is going to speak at "Ethanol Incorporated" (despite all the evidence that ethanol is more expensive than oil, causes food prices to raise, damages engines, etc.) and today he calls for a "hybrid car initiative" despite evidence and more evidence that hybrids are also failures.
And of course, to show that Denny Hastert is an unapologetic Stalinist collectivist acolyte of Cynthia McKinney and Harry Reid, he attempts to verbally bayonet a retired Exxon executive saying that people are starving. And why you may ask, according to Kamerad Hastert, are they having such difficulties? Because, as Kamerad Hastert says- Exxon,a private corporation, decided to pay this retired executive a certain amount-that Kamerad Hastert feels is "unconscionable!" Yah, Kamerad Hastert, and judging by your comments (that seemingly are in direct violation of your oath of office...uphold the Constitution, minor things like that) the evidence of your having a conscience is remote at best. Sounds like you're taking the side of the proletariat against the bourgeois there Kamerad Denny.
"The speaker is very concerned about compensation packages given to executives like Raymond at a time when families are facing choices between putting food on the table and filling their car with gasoline,"..."We met with Exxon Mobil and several companies last fall, and it seems that the message hasn't gotten through." That is a REAL scary statement from the elected official of what once was a constitutional republic called The United States. Reminds me of the statement from California Attorney General saying that he would like to escort Ken Lay of Enron to prison to be raped . And he then goes on to say ""Having a profit is good. We believe in that as Republicans," Bonjean said. "But when you're making this kind of money and American families are being affected, there should be appropriate things done to bring prices down. We're going to be asking them again: What are they doing with their enormous profits?"Yah-like YOU guys know what to do with money. Exxon pays top dollar to people they believe can manage a company to find more oil so it can sell more oil to people who want to buy to make more money for it's shareholders, Mr. Bojean- Duh! It's called (pay close attention now, Mr. Bojean) CAPITALISM-IN-A-FREE-MARKET. Not the type of "you'd better spend your money the way WE want you to" Central Planning that has been SO successful everywhere it's been tried. Oh, and this little tidbit and this (compliments of Captain Ed-and be sure to read all the comments, especially the one from New Orleans) from Katrina Cleanup. So, now that we've proven that you twits in Congress are idiots with guns (with your implied threats) and that you have no clue as to how the real world works. Mr. Bojean-SHUT UP!
And of course, there is absolutely NO mention by any of these Marxists Lite of reducing the federal tax load on the buyers of gasoline. Nope. And in the article we have a Treasury official John Snow saying "High energy prices -- including prices at the pump -- act like a tax on the American economy,"and never even hints at the fact that there are REAL taxes that don't act like taxes-they ARE taxes. And that the Feds and states get over 250% more in taxes ( or even up to 600% more, which is also pure revenue/"profit" for the government) than the oil companies get in revenue. And the oil companies do something to earn that profit. The government just sits there and sucks it up.
The above Washington Post article just screams that the modern Repubs have absolutely lost all their bearings and no longer have any discernible differences from the lefties. Of whom they sound just like.


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