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Monday, April 17, 2006

If it's Tuesday, it must be Seattle.

I had to take a short respite from blogging to deal with some health issues with my out of state mother. While helping my sister go through my mother's mail (looking for bills and tax paperwork) I found several pieces of mail that stunned me.

My mother is a die hard Democrat. She has her reasons for voting Democratic, as I have my reasons for voting Republican. As such she has donated much money to Democratic candidates and Democratic PAC's such as Emily's List, NARAL and NOW. In my mother's mail I found solicitations for the following candidates campaigns:

Jennifer Granholm for Governor (Michigan)
Ruth Ann Minner for Governor (Delaware)
Christine Gregoire for Governor (Washington State)
Debbie Stabenow for Senate (Michigan)
Tom Daschel for Senate (South Dakota it's dated for sure)

Now my mother does not live in Michigan, Delaware, Washington state OR South Dakota. So why is she getting letters looking for campaign donations from these states? My guess is that (given the gender of 4 of the 5 candidates) Emily's List, Naral or NOW sold their donor's list to these campaigns. That happens all the time. What bothers me is the utter audacity of these candidates to "beg" for money from elderly ladies in other states! Now thankfully my mother didn't respond to any of these solicitations, but what about the other elderly ladies these people are sponging off of? This type of campaigning is no worse than the worst of the televangelists. Bilking seniors for campaign dollars is reprehensible.


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