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Friday, April 14, 2006

The DREAM becomes a nightmare-

OK kids, we've got another "Do it for the children" Wellstonian moment from Prairie Pravda. This time for the children of "undocumented" immigrants. Meaning the children of criminals. The euphemistic acronym? DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors). The reasoning for special privileges for the offspring of criminals? They're innocent children. They have the seed of promise. All touchy feely. If you're against the DREAM, the Marxists at Prairie Pravda hang the term "dream slayer" on us.
Anything to fear from the DREAM? Not according to the enlightened social engineers (meaning they're manipulators). quote "
Those who fear that the DREAM Act would make Minnesota a magnet for illegal immigrants should know that this state would not stand alone." And the reason for our fears to be allayed? Well, my friend, because there are nine other states that will also become criminal nesting grounds.My, my. There now. Don't you feel safer?
So, I'm a Dream slayer uh? And the Marxists at Prairie Pravda are coddlers of criminals and law breakers, killers of the real American Dream, the Constitution, the rule of law, granters of government dictated privileges for any number of self-described victims that legal American citizens are expected to pay for (in more ways than one).
So, who's the real dream slayer here?


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