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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The culture of corruption

Interesting......we hear all of this talk (out of our friends on the left) about the "Republican" culture of corruption and then we get this.

"The top Democrat on the House ethics committee, Alan Mollohan, will leave the panel — at least temporarily — while he defends his own financial conduct, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday. "

Apparently Representative Mollohan has something in common with former Representative Duke Cunningham - a penchant for funneling taxpayer dollars to people that contribute to his campaign.

"The Wall Street Journal reported two weeks ago that Mollohan steered millions of dollars to nonprofit groups in his district — with much of the money going to organizations run by people who contribute to the lawmaker's campaigns."

I believe that there is an old saying that is quite apropos here...those who live in glass houses really should not throw stones.


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