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Friday, April 28, 2006

A boat, a dock and a foot on each

I like Ann Coulter. A lot. She has a great way of pointing out the gross hypocrisy of the left. And no more so than in her recent column.
The left has been screaming at us about global warming. Their 2000 hero, Al Gore, equated the internal combustion engine as satan incarnate and a greater threat than nuclear weapons (strange though. I never remember seeing him ride a bike cross country or take the train. Oh that's right, he's a lefty. He knows best for me. Therefore he needn't take his own advice or lead from the front.) And so with John Kerry wanting to tack on a $.50 a gallon tax, Harry Reid saying we aren't taxed enough on gasoline, a number of proposals that would add $.25 or more a gallon, now the lefties are screaming that the price of gasoline has risen. Haven't they finally gotten their wish? And they're upset that they finally got what they've wanted!
Go read Ann Coulter's column. She makes mincemeat of these hypocritical pukes.
And Dr. Thomas Sowell weighs in on the economics vs. politics in the oil and gasoline markets. And another great read.


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