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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The beginning of wisdom...and illegals

There is an old proverb I once heard that I repeat often:"the beginning of wisdom is to call all things by their right names." That means good is good, evil is evil, right is right, wrong is wrong. In the Bible, the greatest admonition is "Woe". It basically means "No hope."
Isaiah 5:20 is a dire warning to those who don't call things by their right names. And this means the left.
The left is excellent at demonizing (to cause to appear wicked and/or evil in the eyes of others is the true meaning of the word). Everything that falls out of their mouths is about "rights". The word "responsibility" is never applied to them or the victims they make up and claim to champion. And this is never more true now. The cause du' jour? "Immigration Rights".
Well, you evil doers on the left, we already have immigrants rights. What you want is rights for criminals. Come here legally, you have rights. Come here illegally...
And notice how in the latest batch of well timed spontaneous demonstrations there is an absence of Mexican flags? Seems the handlers of these criminals got smart and that showing the Mexican flag showed the true beliefs of these lawbreakers and their spokesmen. And what gets lost in all this is what about my rights as a citizen? Your rights as a citizen?
Read how the debate is framed (from The Detroit Free Press ):
Tens of thousands of people, mostly Latinos, protested legislation that would make it a crime to help undocumented immigrants. - Uh, that's "illegal immigrants". And when you help a known criminal, that's called "aiding and abetting".
Some of the Wolverine workers were undocumented, Herrada and one of the workers said, and wanted to march in the Detroit rally to show their support for immigrant rights.- We already have immigrants rights. They're protesting to make criminals legal, just kill the law.
"It was not fair,'" said Mercedes, a 31-year-old Detroit woman who attended the rally and was fired. "We went to fight for our rights." Mercedes is undocumented and asked that her last name not be used.
"It was really unfair of a company to do that," said Edith Castillo, head of the Detroit-based Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development.-Yup-not obeying the law, not going through the process. It's all about "fairness". And what's really unfair is that these illegals are in jobs that Detroit's black LEGAL citizens could be doing. THAT'S what's unfair.And notice Mercedes is an ILLEGAL ans she whines about fairness. No gratitude that Wolverine Packing may have managers hauled off to jail for hiring her. "We went to fight for our rights!" she blubbers like a three year old. And what rights are those? Please be specific.
And not a whit of gratitude toward The Wolverine Packing Plant for giving them jobs. Not a whit of gratitude for being in a country that allows these protests. Why aren't they going back to Mexico if America is so unfair, so intolerant. What would happen if they protested the corruption of the Mexican Mexico City?
And, for S&G's let's extend the rhetoric with a re-defining of terms:
Carjacking:unauthorized transit/transport requisition.
Rape:Non-qualified and perhaps impermissible sexual encounter.
Bank robbery: Undocumented non-customer withdrawal.
Armed bank robbery:
Undocumented non-customer withdrawal with inappropriate duress to the employees
Assault:unwelcomed insensitive physical moment.
Just a few thoughts.


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