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Friday, April 07, 2006

And Rome burns white hot

In The Lady Logcician's post , she accurately points out that you and I aren't spending enough to help R.T. Rybak out of his problem in Murderapolis. Well, at least according to Mayor Rybak we aren't. Therefore, if you follow the looney left lack of logic, we are responsible for the death of Mr. Reitter. Time after time, when lefties don't get their way with more of your money, they always cut essential services and then plead it's because you or I are greedy in that we need to provide for our families first. R.T. decided to cut police, but not community development. Firemen laid off, but keep the Neighborhood Revitalization Project (which the Murderapolis whiners say is aimed at reducing crime.[insert uproarious laughing here]). DFL Rep. Ellison says "We need a partner in public safety, not a finger-pointer," and the apparent irony this statement of his and his fellow lefties are pointing fingers is lost on him. And this statement would seem to imply "We're idiots and can't even provide the basics of government to our citizens. HELP!!!!!"
This style of government also happens when the locals turn down a school bond issue. The very first thing that gets cut: buses. Put the parents in a bind immediately. Then cut after school activities at the same time so little Taylor and Nathan are in need of being picked up at 3:00 p.m.

Be a man R.T. Whining is usually a prime indicator of testosterone deficit disorder.


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