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Monday, March 27, 2006

Why elections are so very important

Larry Sabato's "Crystal Ball" newsletter states that the Republicans will continue to hold the House after the November elections. His take on the Senate appears to be the same - the Republicans will hold thanks to a pick up of Minnesota and possibly Maryland and holding Tennessee - 3 of the 4 open seats.

Holding the House and Senate is critical for the Administration. There are still judicial nominees being held hostage by the Senate and now there is a push to hold the nomination of the new FDA Commissioner until the FDA rules on RU486.

In what surely qualifies as the "Lie of the week" (sorry Laura I had to borrow this), the NY Times states:

"We don't generally approve of holding nominations hostage to other political objectives. "

and then it goes into all the reason why they are advising that the nominee BE held up on political objectives!

It is obvious that the Left and their willing accomplaces in the mainstream media are going to do everything that they can to ram their agenda down our throats even though time after time they are defeated at the ballot box. All we can do is to keep the pressure on our elected officials to keep doing the people's business and quit playing "gotcha" politics.


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