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Saturday, March 04, 2006

What are they afraid of?????

The MN GOP announced on Monday that they were mailing an interactive CD out to selected voters regarding the pending Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This interactive CD is a voter ID tool. There is a short video presentation that you can watch and afterward (via authorized web access) you can answer a few voter id questions on the issue. After that announcement, the DFL outrage machine flew into action, pouring out letters to the editor, stories and breathless press releases about "domestic spying" and "invasions of privacy". An MPR employee even managed to get his hands on an unreleased Beta copy of the CD and, in violation of the "Terms of Use" agreement that he agreed to, he began to decompile data on the disk!

One of the most comical aspects of this whole kerfluffle is this (from the Star Tribune story linked above):

"While acknowledging that they had not seen the CD, DFL Party officials accused Republicans of their own version of "domestic spying" and called the effort "an intolerable abuse of trust."

What is driving all of this? Has the DFL decided that data privacy is an important issue? No, what is driving this is fear...fear of the voter. 78% of the voters in Sen. Dean Johnson's district (Sen Johnson is the DFL Senate Majority Leader) want the opportunity to vote on DOMA. Nineteen states have already passed DOMA - by overwhelming majorities! The vast majority of Minnesotans WANT to have the opportunity to VOTE on DOMA. So what are they afraid of?? They are afraid that the majority of Minnesotans see through their callous, partisan ruse. They are attempting to turn the debate from the fact that they are refusing to allow the people of Minnesota a vote on an important issue into a debate on whether or not a privacy policy statement may or may not be included on a CD that was NOT EVEN MAILED TO CITIZENS UNTIL TODAY!!


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