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Monday, March 13, 2006

We can finally put this lie to rest.

Which lie you ask? The oft repeated "Bush lied" about Saddam's WMD's meme that has been soooo prevelant over the last 3 years.

You may ask why I think we should finally put this lie to rest? Simply, this report in the Washington Times that states emphatically that:

1) Saddam was busily rebuilding his WMD program.
2) He was hiding the evidence from UN inspectors by burying it in the sands of Iraq
3) Joe Wilson LIED when he said that Iraq was not going after uranium in Africa!

"There is more to come. House intelligence committee Chairman Rep. Peter Hoekstra, Michigan Republican, told The Washington Times that about 500 hours of additional Saddam tapings are still being translated and analyzed by the U.S. In addition, in Qatar, U.S. Central Command's forward headquarters in the Persian Gulf, sit 48,000 boxes of Iraqi documents, of which the military has delivered 68 pages to the committee. "I don't want to overstate what is in the documents," Mr. Hoekstra said. "I certainly want to get them out because I think people are going to find them very interesting."

Yes please Rep. Hoekstra - get these documents out. Let's show the world, once and for all, that the liars in this episode did not reside within the Bush Administration (as the Dems would have you believe)...

"The ISG, they were lied to in a very systematic way," he (Bill Tierney) said. "Lying. They (the Hussein regime) were very good at it."

It makes you wonder who else was lying to us and for how long...


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