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Sunday, March 26, 2006

"An unmitigated disaster"

That is what many Democratic politicians and activists called the federal government's response to Hurrican Katrina and to the federal government's conduct of the war. Yet these same politicians and activists want to turn our health care system over to the same inept government?

Remember Hillary Care? Senator Clinton is still trotting it out - and she has support among the Democrats that want to join her on Capitol Hill. Coleen Rowley supports universal health care. So does Ford Bell and Amy Klobuchar. They all say that they want to reduce drug costs to patients and that private-market competition (as proposed by President Bush and the Republicans) is not the answer.

Well, they were wrong in 1994 and they are wrong now. The NYTimes reports that competitive bidding is working for Medicare and the consumers that signed up for the new Medicare Drug Plan!

The market works, when the government stays out of it. We need to let the market work. Let's make sure that Hillary Care stays a thing of the past.


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