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Friday, March 03, 2006

The solution to too big? Make it BIGGER!

Well, we've got Katrina six months behind us. And a review of what happens when citizens depend on government in the first place. And what happens when government "comes to the rescue". Well, the evidence proves Ronald Reagan's pronouncement that the most terrifying nine words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
And both the left and right's solution to this huge man-made disaster? Make the problem bigger!! Is government too big? The solution is to increase it's size and scope?
And the bobblehaed American citizen and voter will agree!!!
And here's the real rub: the Gulf of Mexico hurricane season is just three months away!
And New Orleans hasn't moved further inland yet.
I talked to a friend of mine who's father had fellow employees go to New Orleans to help rebuild houses. The report coming back? The home owners sat in their lawn chairs and watched as these men worked on their homes! Sat on their butts!!! And then expected these workers to give them the lunches the workers had brought with them.
These volunteer working men left and came back to Minnesota.
And always remember, ALWAYS that when you see people screaming that the government isn't doing enough that means that YOU just aren't doing enough. That you just aren't having enough of your money taken from you. That YOU just aren't being compassionate enough. That YOU aren't working hard enough! That YOUR family needs to do without, do with less. That YOUR family needs to be compromised.
On average, each American worker will have to come up with an extra $1,700 to pay for their "fair share" of Katrina relief. So, you either work overtime or kiss goodby $1700 worth of some things that your family would have gotten from YOUR efforts!
Get busy America. You just ain't doing enough, you lazy, insensitive,uncompassionate greedy bigots! Just ask those poor victims in New Orleans.


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