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Monday, March 27, 2006

Raiding the Social Security Surplus

In a roll call vote on March 16, 53 US Senators (including Senators Feingold, Dayton and Clinton) voted to continue to raid the Social Security surplus. This is stunning considering that the Social Security system is heading rapidly toward bankruptcy (well the speed depends on who you talk to on which side of the aisle).

The amendments co-sponsor, Senator Jim DeMint said it best:

"“Sadly, fifty-three senators turned their backs on America’s seniors,” Senator DeMint said. “There is simply no way to save Social Security if we don’t have the courage stop using the surplus as a secret slush fund. I’m thankful there were forty-six senators who stood with America’s seniors to end the raid. We will not be deterred by cynics who offer no solutions.”

The bad thing (for elected officials) is that their voting record is online for any and all to read. That is good news for us voters. We can look up these votes and then hold our elected officals accountable. The 53 Senators who voted to treat the Social Security fund as a "secret slush fund", need to be held accountable for their votes and thankfully, we have the opportunity to do so this year!


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