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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I ran across this over the weekend. I found it to be an interesting take on the "worth" of pre-emptive strikes.

"Consider the prophet Mohammed himself. According to Muslim history, God's own messenger engaged in pre-emptive action against those whom he suspected of plotting against Islam. "

Uh mean that the founder of the religion of peace engaged in unprovoked attacks on others?

"Self-defense, my fellow Muslims will insist."

As the author of the article states, President Bush felt the same way and yet the Muslim world doesn't seem to be willing to accept that.

"Honesty demands that Muslims in the USA judge the doctrine of pre-emption by a single standard. That requires making a choice. We can accept what the prophet did as necessary and guided by God, in which case we can't be shocked when the president makes a similar case for his policy. Or we can acknowledge that the prophet Mohammed's pre-emptive assaults on Jews were morally wrong, in which case we've got credibility when slamming the Bush doctrine"

And that dear reader is wisdom that we should all remember when we are engaging in discussions with others.


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