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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mike Hatch pick up another endorsement

According to MDE, Mike Hatch's gubernatorial campaign picked up an endorsement today. According to this post, ACORN has announced it's support of the campaign. ACORN is probably not the best endorsement to pick up. According to this from the American Center for Voting Rights, an ACORN worker in Minnesota was found with 300 voter registration cards in his car. MDE has a St Paul Pioneer Press article on his post that has a telling quote from the presumed DFL candidate for the US Senate seat held by Mark Dayton.

"Reed faces sentencing Jan. 20 before Hennepin County District Judge Joanne Graham, according to County Attorney Amy Klobuchar. As part of a negotiated plea agreement, prosecutors promised they will recommend Graham sentence Reed to no more than 60 days in the county workhouse, plus 15 days of community service.
Klobuchar said Reed never intended to use the 18 forgeries to allow anyone to vote more than once. Instead, his motivation was to fraudulently increase his earnings from the fee he was paid to register new voters, she said."

So Ms. Klobuchar, forging voter registrations is only worth 60 days in the workhouse and 15 days community service????? This is how you treat crime in Hennepin County?


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