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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Immigration Fallout

The fallout for Republicans has started. As I said last night, I have talked to lots of grass roots activists who are so disgusted with the Senate Republicans and their handling of the immigration issue that they are ready to:

A) quit voting for either major party
B) quit making donations to the RNC, RCCC and RSCC (this has already begun)
C) quit voting altogether!

First I am going to address A & C. I understand your frustration. There are days when it seems like our Republican Senator (Norm Coleman) is leaning back toward his Democrat roots (he was elected Mayor of St Paul as a Democrat and switched parties in mid-term). It is frustrating as all get out to campaign hard for a candidate/issue (like drilling in ANWAR/Immigration reform) only to have your Senator vote against it! It is frustrating to fight hard for a Republican president to be hit with things like corruption scandals, out of control spending, amnesty, Harriet Myers and Dubai Ports World. Those of us who thought "this time will be different - we learned our lessons in 1994" have seen the bitter reality that in DC it is ALL POLITICS AS USUAL! However (and I really hate to say it this way) we must not fall to the temptation of with-holding our votes, unless there is a better Republican standing up to take the incumbents place! If you think things are bad in DC now, just wait to see what happens if the Democrats regain the House and Senate. Impeachment, Hillary care, an abandonment of Iraq to the terrorists and record spending like you've never seen. You don't believe me? Take a look at the website of any of your local Dems running for Congress or the Senate. They are filled with such catch phrases as "universal or single payer health care", "making the wealthy pay their fair share", "culture of corruption" - the list goes on. Do you really want that to be in control of your taxpayer dollars?

The Dems are currently acting like petulant children, throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get their way (winning the White House in 2000 and 2004). To all of you disgruntled voters, take a good hard look at what is pushing the DNC and tell you really want to give them running the show in DC? Is that what you want to do to this country?

For the Republicans running as "centrists"/democrats I have a couple of questions. First, why should we vote for a pseudo Democrat when we have the real thing running against you? We want a candidate that is different from the Democrat - not DFL Lite! Second, why should we "trust you" to be different, when you have already shown that you are a "politics as usual" Republican.

B is by far our best option to express our displeasure with the Senate. The RSCC is sending out fundraising letters and making fundraising calls. My suggestion would be to (nicely) tell the telemarketer that you will no longer make any donations to the RNC, the RSCC or the RCCC until such time as our Republicans start governing as Republicans! If you get a letter, send it back with a polite note stating the same thing! Nothing hurts a politician more than a loss of campaign contributions. Time to bring back the "Not one Dime" campaign!


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