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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Immigration Debate

Many writers who are much more knowledgable on politics and policy have written on this issue. Many writers who are much more eloquent have written on the subject. Many who are more passionate have written on the subject. However, I would like to add a couple of minor points to the discussion.

500,000 Latino's marched in Los Angeles...some carrying signs claiming that America had somehow "stolen" California (and the rest of the "west") from Mexico:

"This is unjust. This land used to belong to us and now they're trying to kick us out," said Sandra Molina, 16, a junior from Downtown Magnet High School."

First Sandra, a little history. A) Mexico and the US fought a war and the "lands" in question were won in said war. B) Unless you are Apache, Atakapan, Bidai, Comanche, Kickapoo or another Indian tribe native to NORTH America (as opposed to Central America's ie Mexico Maya, Huicho or Aztec tribes) these are NOT your lands. C) Unless you are illegal Sandra - no one is "trying to kick you out". Also, depending on which bill we are discussing, even if you are here illegally you are still not being kicked out.

This whole discussion is based on the premis of "illegal" entry. Anyone who has immigrated here through legal channels has nothing to fear!

One thing thing I will note...this issue is threatening to fracture the Republican Party. Calls to talk radio and discussion groups are filled with Republican voters who are sick to death of their Senators and Congressmen turning their backs on the base. They are also sick to death of our government playing games with our national security in a post 9/11 world.


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