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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I just had to ask....

On Christmas Eve, I wrote about the Teacher who Stole Christmas. If you recall, a substitute teacher decided it was her place to tell her class of first graders that Santa did not exist. Well the holiday Grinch has struck again, and this one is much closer to home!

"A cloth bunny and pastel-colored eggs with the words "Happy Easter" were taken down from the lobby of the St. Paul City Council offices Wednesday after someone questioned whether it was appropriate to note the Christian holiday."

WHAT THE HECK????? A cloth bunny and pastel colored eggs note a "Christian" holiday? What rock did this person crawl out from under. Is he/she unaware that those are pagan fertility symbols?

"It's not about being politically correct or anything else. Someone complained, everyone stopped and said, 'We ought not to do this,' " said Council President Kathy Lantry. "

Excuse me, Ms Lantry it is EXACTLY about being "politically correct". The person who complained was caught up in a state of constant umbrage - just looking for something to complain about! Remember - this is the city that, in 2001, decided that the color red was a symbol of Christmas and therefore, red pointsettias should not be allowed in City Hall.

The sad thing is that the man who is personally responsible for the degradation of personal responsibility and personal rights, the author of St Paul's smoking ban, Dave Thune was the only one to come to the defense of the poor secretary whose display caused such a furor.

"This has just gone too far," he said. "We can't celebrate spring with bunnies and fake grass?"

This is what the nanny state gets you folks - a secretary can not even have an Easter Bunny on her desk without running afoul of the perpetually offended. What a sad state we are in...

I do hope that the St. Paul City Council is happy. The have again made national news and again for all the wrong reasons.


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