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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Human trafficing in Minnesota

Every now and then, the Strib prints an eye-opening article. Today was one of those rare instances. What bothers me about the online version of this story is that it does not include all of the information that was in the print version of the story. The most important missing piece (important for those who might be looking for a way out of slavery) was any contact information for a rescue group called Civil Society. A quick Google search on the executive director that was quoted in the article gave me this.

Another equally important piece of missing information was a map that showed where in the world these people are coming from. Of course, exact numbers are not known but according to this Wikipedia article on the subject, the vast majority come from Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and (increasingly) Islamic states.

Most of these slaves are women, which begs the question - WHERE IS NOW???? Where are these women's rights groups that claim to speak for me when it comes to things like abortion and jobs? Why are they not speaking out against this horrific abuse of women? Could it be that they are only concerned about the rights of left leaning American women? While I certainly hope that is not the case, I fear it is.

I applaud Civil Society and their CARROT project and I hope that this article will lead to greater discussion about this hidden problem. Maybe this problem will get the exposure it so richly deserves when the issue of illegal immigration (remember these women are not in the country legally) is brought up.


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