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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Google classifies "Hate Speech"

Alain's Newsletter is a Christian based political website. The authors are all conservatives and they base their political beliefs on their Christian faith. Well apparently Google has decided that Alain's Newsletter is "hate speech". What started this was Alain approached Google about possibly listing his site on their news crawler. Google responded back that they did not list "hate sites" on their news crawler.

Now, I have friends who subscribe to Alain's Newsletter and I have read some of the newsletters that she has sent. I also spent some time on their website, just to see for myself what Google is so afraid of. If this is "hate speech" then evangelicals beware. Your church could be the next on their list of "hate sites" if they have a website (as the church I attend does.

Keep an eye on Alain's Newsletter for further updates.


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