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Friday, March 24, 2006

Death tolls

The press has a laser focus on the "high cost of the war" in the form of the body count. Every night you are regaled with the latest American casualty count. Well here is a comparison to consider. In 3 years of war in Iraq 2300+ American soldiers died bringing freedom to Iraq. That equates to approximately 768 deaths per year. Compare that to the annual death rate:

- In automobile accidents 37,469
- pedestrians crossing the street 5,127
- bicycle accidents 744

More people die falling down stairs than are killed in Iraq!

Now I am in no way equating these situations. A war zone is by far more dangerous than driving down Hennepin Avenue on a Friday night (Rambix may argue that point but...) however, there is a larger point here. That point is this...yes war is messy and dangerous, but the fact that 2300+ soldiers were killed over a 3 year period (versus 11,000 on D-Day alone) shows that we have gotten better at protecting our soldiers in a wartime situation. War is a dangerous, bloody thing. Protecting those who go to war is key.


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