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Friday, March 31, 2006

Connecting dots

The protests and complaints of people who whine about being here in America but say they want to be here in America has finally, I hope lanced the boil. Victor Davis Hanson has written another great piece on the subject where he asks is anyone seeing the inconsistency of the protests? And another article was sent to me from a friend asking what does American citizenship really mean? However, that being said, as I listened to the firestorm this has ignited, few people are seeing the larger picture. Politicians see only leaves, never trees and certainly not the forest.
I've listened to a number of people tell how and why it's difficult to compete in the markets where manual labor is necessary. One man in particular was talking about his berry farm. To be legal, he had to file with the EEOC, EPA, INS (to name three), get a license, file with all local and state agencies and if he hired legal employees he would have to charge another 50% on to his wholesale price. And he was barely competing the way it is. Another man stated essentially the same thing when trying to open a landscaping business. That the cost of compliance meant that he was uncompetitve. Therefore, with all the laws, regulations, taxes,fees it became untenable to hire Americans. Does anyone see the parallel with American companies sending jobs overseas because it's just too expensive to hire Americans? And the stories from my friends who want to hire American and get bigger, but have chosen not to because it's just not worth the hassle and problems. And so once again, the American economy and American citizens groan and fail to prosper due the government legislating in our best interests.
And I'll let you fill in the wholesale welfare benefits open to all people who hit American paydirt.
And it gets worse. I was talking to a friend of mine who is in law enforcement. He stated how incredibly upset he was that Norm Coleman has thrown in his lot with Teddy Kennedy on the immigration issue. My friend states that the caseload for meth in his county has grown 20% in the past year. And that the large majority of those cases were illegal immigrants. Whenever I hear Kennedy and McCain agreeing on anything it's time to flee for your lives. And that Biodiesel Norm (no drilling in ANWR because he supports biodiesel...yah.Right.) has put himself with these two bookends tells me that the Republicans are in real danger.
This stance is going to cost them big in seven months. Real big.
And I'm reminded of William Buckley's quote from many years ago where he said that he would rather be governed by the first 537 people in any phone book in the United States than the current group of politicians.
And with the exponential growth of the Federal Register, why do we as Americans keep thinking that these 537 in both houses of Congress people making political decisions are wiser and more capable than millions of Americans making independent decisions on the spot, with all the facts in front of them on what's good for them and their families?


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