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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There is a lot of international pressure for the US to close our detention centers in Afghanistan and Cuba. Now comes this out of the Globe and Mail.

"Canada to hand over suspects to Kabul
Move could make troops complicit in future torture, legal experts fear"

OK - so we are not supposed to hold the al Quade fighters that we capture and we're not supposed to turn them over to their host country because the host country could torture them. Then just what are we supposed to do with them???? Ship them back to our country and give them welfare?

This should cement to you that we are in a no win situation (when it comes to the critics of the war). Given that we are in a no win situation with these war critics, the President needs to just do what he needs to do and quit trying to win the critics over to the cause. Just do your job Mr. President and ignore the critics!


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