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Friday, March 03, 2006

Charlie Brown, a football, and $60,000,000,000,000

In my last post, I referred to Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt and the decades long saga of those two and a football.
Last night I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were lamenting the huge and looming disasters that are coming our way in maybe 25-40 years. This no global warming crap. This is hard cold economic facts and reality. PERIOD! This will mean war between the generations. It will pit my/our generation against our children and grandchildren. And we've done it to ourselves. All those politicians over the past 90+ years (I start counting with Teddy Roosevelt and the tinkering populists who were and are progressives, aka socialists, with the real disaster starting with the illegal,unenforceable and non-ratified 16th Amendment (here and here).
The left always just wants to tinker along the edges, just make a small correction, all in the name of fairness. And disaster always follows. Even when the right thinks that they can correct and tinker, they never seem to want to completely reset the trip odometer to zero. Afraid that people will think them mean.
Well kids, after 70-90 years of disaster after government disaster, mostly from the left but the right has certainly added its fair share also, the American voter still thinks that the government can finally get it right this time. This very next program will be the one that works. This politician, my new representative, my old representative is the greater thinker who has all the wisdom and acuity needed to finally set all our lives straight.
And Lucy van Government Pelt will change and Charlie American Citizen Brown will finally be able to kick that football!
And as a final kicker, read Ron Paul's excellent analysis on the recent history and the future of the dollar, gold and oil.


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