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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cartoons that offend

Time to catch up....

Remember the "Cartoon Jihad"? Remember all of the people killed and the boycotts and the buildings burned over a couple of cartoons that Muslims deemed "offensive"? Remember how "responsible media" shied away from publishing those cartoons out of a sense of "respect" toward a peoples religion? Where is that respect today? Anyone??? Bueller???

As I said here, I find it saddening, but not surprising that there is this sense that it is ok to insult Christians and Jews, but Allah forbid you insult Islam. It is fear, pure and simple. The left fears Islam, but we Christians with our "turning" of the other cheek give them nothing to fear. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I submit that it is a bad thing. I say this because as long as it is ok to mock Christians, it will be ok to silence them. Freedom to worship (or not) as you choose is threatened as long as there is a radical religious element that demands that the rest of the world submit to their religion. It is time to tell the radicals that they will not scare us into silence. We will not allow them to dictate and force their religion on those who wish to worship otherwise!


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