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Monday, March 06, 2006

The buffet of intellectual consistency

I remember reading a few years back in "Liberty" magazine a statement that there are really only two political parties in America: the party of big government with its left (Democrats) and right (Republican) wings (and various factions) and the libertarians. All we need to do is look at the past five years of spending and a trip by GWB to Louisiana and $200,000,000,000 in EXTRA spending is proclaimed so he doesn't have to endure criticism, and we see that Liberty magazine is right. 100%.
That being said, I see where my favorite non-responsive left wing Prairie Pravda columnist Nick Coleman says that babies are being "thrown out" because of stadium spending.
And so we see the bitter fruit of living in a democracy rather than a republic. Nicky shows the bitter struggle for HIS idea of forcing people to pay for HIS type of welfare while he excoriates others for wanting THEIR type of forced welfare. And so in a democracy, majority rules. In a constitutional republic this should never ever be a problem. All forms of welfare paid for out of forced takings of the citizens money would not be legal.
So, Nicky is not against welfare. He's not against legal thievery. He's just against welfare for the other guys.
And so I'd ask Nicky "And why do people go to the legislature and ask for money/special dispensation? Because they can. And babies do have a voice. They are called you."
Welcome to democracy- and the Constitution is over the back of us.


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