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Friday, March 03, 2006

The bellwether to the north

The Canadian Health Care system is much vaunted by the left here in America. They keep telling us how well it works. That we should have something just like it. And yet there is incredible irony with socialized medicine and one William Jefferson Clinton. The Cato Institute compares what treatment he got just over a year ago and what he would have received if his and now Senator Rodham's plan had gone through. The irony is rich and full! And the stories of the disaster of socialized versus free market are plenty (well, here in America not free market but freer than a lot of places).
And now, we can look to our frozen fellow North Americans and see what a disaster legal same sex marriage is and is becoming. Always the Law of Unintended Consequences (LOUC) is never,ever factored in. Or the lawmakers just don't care. And when the LOUC becomes apparent? Just pass another corrective law that will take care of the first.
I'm still waiting for it work. But the evidence of 90 years of history doesn't give me any hope.


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