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Friday, March 31, 2006

And we WILL get that dog to throw the javelin

And do we all remember from 1997 the pictures of downtown East Grand Forks on fire while the entire town was flooded? And the cry that the Feds (meaning you and me) needed to pay all those people to build AGAIN on those flat areas on either side of the Red River (and those flat areas are called, uh, FLOOD PLAINS because it's quite plain to anyone with a room temperature IQ that that's where the river plainly floods!!!).
And so, it goes again. And some of these people have rebuilt multiple times, in the same spot that flooded before.
Well, kids,may I recommend that this time they're all on their own. Build on a flood plain, expect floods.
Build your house in a area below sea level that experiences hurricanes, expect to be flooded by hurricanes and all the consequences therefrom.
I have absolutely no desire to subsidize stupidity and or foolishness.


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