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Thursday, March 30, 2006

All politics are local

It is an old adage, but true none-the-less. Everything our politicians do trickles down to effect our daily lives. However, I still had to think twice about this article when I first read it for it to really sink in.

"It has become common wisdom that the Democrats mean to make the 2006 elections a referendum on President Bush and the Republican Party. Republican congressional candidates, in turn, will seek to counter this strategy by emphasizing local issues and seek to make the election about the choice between themselves and their rivals. "

The piece tells the story of a Congressional race in Iowa, but it could just as easily have been in Minnesota. Democratic candidates (like Coleen Rowley) have gone out of their way to attack anything and everything President Bush has done in the last 5 years. Meanwhile, their Republican counterparts are talking about how what is done in DC affects those of us back home in the district. Bridges to nowhere in Alaska mean no spending on airports in Minnesota. Tax cuts mean more take home pay for the average worker. Social Security Reform means that a 40something taxpayer might actually see some Social Security checks after all...the list goes on.

So I guess this election (if things play out as they are going now) is going to be a choice of 2 things....a vote against President Bush or a vote for new roads in Scott County. A vote against President Bush or a vote for more cops in Minneapolis...a vote against President Bush or a vote FOR the future. Is that really where the DNC wants to go? Apparently so, according to Corey over at dreckless.


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