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Saturday, February 11, 2006

You can tell election season is gearing up Pt 1

When I got home from listening to Coleen Rowley speak to the SD 35 DFL, I found an email in my inbox from Mike Beard, the current 35A Representative in St. Paul. It was an invitation to hear Governor Pawlenty speak today. So I packed up my trusty notepad and treked to Shakopee to the the Governor.

Mike opened with a few remarks, thanking the audience for coming on a sunny Saturday afternoon. He reminded the audience that 4 years ago, the state of Minnesota had a $4+ million dollar deficit and that the Governor and the Legislature fixed that without raising taxes. He mentioned that the state seems to run a 10 year cycle of deficits and if that is the case we could be looking at another deficit in 2010. We need to break that cycle, which is the Governor's (and Republican leaderships) goal. He said that with great co-workers like Mark Buesgens and the Governor, the state had the potential to set the pace to break that cycle.

Mark spoke next. He thanked our hosts (Randy and Curt Sampson from Canterbury Park) and mentioned that Racino would be back on the table in this session. He said that the House is trying to hold to tru conservative values (some anti-gambling proponents would argue that statement). He reminded the audience of a time when the minority party (the Republicans) pushed the majority party (the DFL) to return the budget surplus to the taxpayers and they said "NO" - not one dollar! Minnesota was then the second or third most taxed state in the nation and now we are are out of the top 10 (only if you don't go by the per capita rankings). Minnesota then had the most lenient abortion standards in the country - which is no longer the case. Minnesota also had no conceal carry legislation even pending - now it is law. All in all, there has been progress thanks to Governor Pawlenty's leadership.

I will cover the Governor's remarks in the next post.


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