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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

VETO!!!!! Part II

Last night I was listening to Frank Gaffney and John Podhoretz on Hugh Hewitt. The topic, as Frank is an expert on national security issues and John is a political columnist of the first rank , was the UAE port deal. And always remember, in politics, perception is reality. Gaffney and Podhoretz interviews are on Radio Blogger. Read them.
Right now I'm listening to Rush and he is vainly trying to support GWB in this.And he's going into minutiae. And when you have to explain a position in this much detail you've already lost the argument. (This reminds me of the "Guest Worker Progam" where I got a number of emailed talking points from the National Republican Committee as to the GWP NOT being an amnesty. When the RNC thinks we need that many talking points, it's an amnesty. Perception=reality).
Rush. Let it go. Now! You're morphing from an apologist to a syncophant.
Podhoretz says that in this situation there is no Krauthammer strategy (Harriet Meirs, ex SCUS appointee, could just take her name out of consideration). Gaffney blends the security with the politics. And he also refers to the security issues with the spread of radical Islam into Africa and its financing centers in the Middle East.
And again, here is GWB talking veto, and even those who usually support him are saying that a veto WILL be overridden.
There is NO upside to this for GWB, it's all a down side for him and he's handing a very timely political story to the lefties who, as Podhoretz says , are naked on national security to this point and the President has given the Dems at least a loin cloth. And if that's not bad enough, he's got Jimmy Carter on his side! Now, that makes a point that will bring the real consevatives out in droves this fall! Hugh Hewitt was not aware that Jimmy was on board with GWB and he nearly swallowed his microphone when John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics laid that on him!
BTW, also read the Bill Frist and John McIntyre (Real Clear Politics )interviews on the Radio Blogger site, all on the UAE port deal.


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