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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Truth is out there

One of my favorite political websites is a site called Project Vote Smart. It allows the average voter to look up the record of politicians (mostly state level and up) on specific votes. No spin, no glorification, no shading - just a straight "did they vote? how?" and what was the bill about. Now while this is generally a bad thing for incumbents (Sen Kerry for example) it can, on occasion, bite a challenger or two. Thus may be the case with Coleen Rowley.

The Rowley campaign has accused Congressman Kline of voting against Veterans benefits 11 times. Now the Vote Smart site is partially under construction so the records are not complete, but the records seem to be closer to Congressman Kline's version of the story (here) than they do Ms. Rowley's version.

I have asked the Kline campaign for a list of the votes in question so that we can do our due diligence, but based on what I have seen so far, the "truth" seems to be in the Congressman's corner.


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