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Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is what universal health care gets you

This is one reason why we should resist universal health care. What is wrong with humanity when we will refuse to administer care to an ailing child. The death with dignity people will say that the child is terminal and her suffering should not be "prolonged". But what about the patients in Canada who had to sue to get private health care or are routinely denied lifesaving services because of expense or made to wait to get care (as they are in the UK).

Even Canadians are recognizing that their once touted system has sometimes fatal flaws. Here in the US, as we creep closer and closer to a universal system, we are running into the same problem. Seniors are denied doctor prescribed therapy because they are only allotted a certain dollar amount a year for that therapy and they have already surpassed their amount! More and more hospitals are cutting services because the costs of providing those services are not picked up by HMO's and Medicare.

We do have a health care crisis brewing in America and it is called universal health care. We do need to fix our current system, no doubt, but replacing it with a Canadian or UK style single payer system is not the fix that we need.


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