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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A terribly dangerous "Where's Waldo"

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters reminds me of a lingering problem that bodes ill for all of us, right and left. And we on the right get it. The dangerous hate filled dolts on the left don't.
All the left wing heroes of the Clinton era all talked about Saddam's WMD. Officials and diplomats around the world repeated how Saddam must destroy his WMD's. Resolution after resolution came out of the UN. Even Saddam admitted that he had WMD. The liars on the left seemingly can't read as we did NOT go into Iraq to find WMD's but because Saddam had not proven that he had destroyed his WMD's. A
very important point of departure from the left wing diatribes about no WMD's and why we went to Iraq.
I had a conversation with Congressman John Kline before Christmas. One of the people around us asked about WMD and GWB going to Iraq and the War on Terror. Congressman Kline said that the President regrets using the term war on terror. He went to talk about the WMD's. I mentioned two grossly under reported stories or conveniently ignored by the left. That makes them guilty of willful ignorance which is inexcusable!
1. David Kay in his report to Congress said that they had found no WMD's. The left reported his testimony just up to that point. What he said next was critically important. He stated that what he and his team found was much worse than they had thought going in. That entire country of Iraq was basically a Home Depot for terrorists the world over. It was an open market for nearly every weapon imaginable. And that in fact Mr. Kay did believe that Iraq had WMD's .
2. About two years ago, there was a convoy that was stopped on it's way to Amman, Jordan coming from Syria. In the convoy were discovered chemical weapons. If they had been used, it's estimated that up to 80,000 people would have died (depending on weather conditions at the time). Now, the intelligence community agrees that Syria has a WMD program of chemical and biological weapons. But thay also agree that the Syrian program could not produce that quality of material in the quantity found. And so the real question then is: Where did the material come from if not from Syria?

And so, these people on the left, so filled with bile and rage at GWB, refuse to ask the resultant hard question:Ok, if WMD's have not been found in Iraq,well then,where are they? Where did they go? Who had them after Saddam? Who has them now? How do we find them?
But, no. These "deeply concerned people" keep beating the same, old "this is the way I want to see the world" drum. These people are so filled with hate and loathing for GWB, America, the Constitution that they are willing to risk us all with their opinions and outlook.
Yup, and Hugh Hewitt keeps playing the Samuel L. Jackson quote from Die Hard III "I don't like you because you're going to get me killed!"
And when hate, rage and vitriol replace any shred of reason, we are in even more danger from the left...if that were possible.


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