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Friday, February 10, 2006

Some final notes on Coleen's speech

Some final notes on last nights speech. Coleen's came across as stiff and forced when she was speaking from her prepared remarks or when she was speaking on a subject that she was not comfortable but she was quite eloquent when speaking extemporaneously on a subject that she was well versed in. You can tell that she is an intelligent woman. However, she said some things that seemed to make sense to our hosts, but confused me greatly. Things like, we need to get voters to "vote in their enlightened self interests".

She also mentioned a few other random things that I feel need addressing:

The Republicans have a very insideous way of instilling fear in the populace. This coming from the woman who agreed with the audience member who refered to Dick Cheney as the "Prince of Darkness" and nodded in agreement when another audience member stated "Karl Rove lies" and who said that "our democracy is at stake" in this election. Both sides use their "fear tactics" that they know works for the base. That is the way politics is done!

The 2 or 3 polarizing issues (abortion and marriage) are "wearing thin". Coleen came to this "conclusion" door-knocking in one city this fall. I think she might want to take a little bit bigger polling sample before making such declarations. There are many "pockets" of thought and I know that there are several such pockets in the 2nd District where those issues are KING!

Media leaks saved my job at the FBI. Given what media leaks have done recently, that is a truly frightening statement. It is also, dare I say it, either a bit selfish or it is weak national security policy. If the leaks were ok across the board, why have classified information? Why have national security? If it was ok in her situation and not in the others...

There is "monumental arrogance" in the Republican Party. This coming out of a representative of the party that consistently tells us that they "know better" than we do is laughable!

The Republicans "own" the media - including the NY Times. Yeah right - that is why the NY Times is running stories like this. Along with all of the anti-administration leaks out of the CIA. Sure they "own" the media guys.....and I have a bridge to sell you cheap!


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