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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rome, the Pilgrims, de Tocqueville...and hogs.

Late last night I was talking to one of my clients. He is in his late 70's. He made a comment that what we needed were more programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration from the New Deal.He felt that with all welfare recipients working and getting a paycheck would be a real boon. I mentioned that the reason that the Great Depression came about was that the Federal reserve horrible monetary policy. And that a great many of the New Deal programs and more Fed Res policy made it incredibly difficult for employers to create jobs.I sent him to a great site on the Great Depression and how it all came about because of government meddling and was made worse because of government programs.
I then saw a link asking if we are going the way of Rome ? It started by telling a story about wild hogs and the seemingly impossible task of capturing them. It then told the history of Rome going from a republic to an empire to a welfare state to ruin and finally to eclipse.
And as I read the where Emperor Aurelian started to make government bread an inherited right (welfare rights in other words. Sound familiar? How do you feel that there are people who say that other people have a right to your money that preempts your right to your money? Just curious. And that the government does this by threatening you with confiscation or jail or both if you don't fall in line.)
And as the story unfolded, I was reminded of the real story of the Pilgrims (which had not been known until the discovery of Gov. William Bradford's lost diaries) and their one growing and harvest season experiment with socialism (that nearly killed them).
I was then reminded of de Tocqueville's comments on this experiment he called Anglo-America. He traveled America in the early 1830's and mused that this great experiment would last just up until the time that people realized that they could take what belonged to their neighbors by whom they voted into office.
Just look at the Katrina hurricane people (I refuse to call them victims as they chose to live in an area that was at or below sea level and prone to hurricanes). And how they demand your money to pay for their choices.
And GWB is giving them $200,000,000,000 of your money. And he's considered uncompassionate because he's not taking enough of your money, by force, to give to them. As the article states, the government can only give what it first takes.
Read the article, fellow Roman.


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