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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Minorities leaving the Dems?

I'm catching up on some articles that I had set aside to write on while I was ill last week.

Front Page Magazine ran this article written by Dick Morris (a former Clinton advisor). It brings to light a phenomonon that has the Democrats running most scared.

" Far away from the speeches of Jesse Jackson, the demands of Al Sharpton and the ranting of Louis Farrakhan, a quiet revolution is taking place in the role African-Americans play in politics. In the very heartland of the nation — in Pennsylvania and Ohio — the Republican Party is getting set to nominate black candidates for governor in the coming elections. In a nation that has not a single African-American governor — not one — from either party, this is its own little revolution. "

The Republicans are running viable candidates for Governor in two states. In Pennsylvania, the GOP just endorsed former Pittsburgh Steeler running back Lynn Swann for Governor and Ken Blackwell, who has already won election to statewide office, is running in Ohio. Couple that with the Senatorial campaign of Michael Steele (current Leiutenant Governor) in Maryland with the push for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (whom I greatly admire) to run for President and you can see why they are scared. The Democrats have long taken the minority vote for granted. However, their continued leftward lurch has left many of those minorities (like myself) looking for other representation. We (minorities) are finally starting to realize that the tax and spend, rely on others to take care of you instead of taking care of yourself policies of the Democratic party are not in our best interests. We want to be able to grab our American Dream and government hand outs are not going to get it for us.

Expect the shrill rhetoric of the left to grow louder as the minority vote becomes more and more in play for rather than come up with ideas to keep us engaged, they are going to try to scare us back "on to the plantation".


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