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Friday, February 10, 2006

The good news from last night

I saved the best for almost last dear readers. Here is the good news that Coleen Rowley brought to the SD35 DFL last night.

Three of the questions that were asked last night had a similar theme. That theme was "what is the DNC/DFL doing to win this thing?" Specifically she was asked 1)What issues do you want to bring to the table in this election?, 2) What are DFL hopefuls doing to find a uniform message and stick to it? and 3) Is there a "top down" message from the DNC that we need to be utilizing?

The answer (in revers order) is 3)NO, 2)we have solutions but the information is not being released (HUH?) and 1) Ethics.

I already discussed the ethics issue here so I will skip that and go right into 2 and 3.

We have solutions, but we are not going to divulge them to the people. Sound familiar? We have heard this before out of the Democratic House and Senate leadership. What are they afraid of? Why won't they tell the American people what they stand for? Are they afraid that they will be roundly rejected - again?

No top down message tells you all you need to know. The DNC has cut their candidates loose with little ideological support and telling them "good luck". Meanwhile, they are complaining about the "Republican marching orders" that Karl Rove is giving Republican candidates. What the DNC (and the DFL) percieve to be marching orders is actually a very co-ordinated and organized and successful campaign strategy. And they wonder why they are losing.....


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