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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

From tiny acorns...morality vs justice vs fairness

Where I go to church there is a real nice sounding movement called "Social Justice". A few years ago we closed down our counseling center and made it into "The Center for Spiritual Formation". Very catchy title. Really bad formation. This center has had seminars on "White Privilege", "Writing your Congressman " ( on how to force more programs out of Congress and on to us), how to lobby for "affordable housing" which is a code word for subsidized housing. All this and so much more under the rubric of Social Justice.
Now, this is supposedly a Christian Church. And yet, I'd be willing to bet that not a one of the "Spiritual Formation" leaders has a clue, even the vaguest notion as to the genesis of the "Social Justice" movement.
And that they haven't the smallest notion that the social justice movement was born from ungodly men to topple God off His throne and replace Him with the worship of His creation in its highest form-us! Viola'-secular humanism and its vehicle, socialism.
The following is excerpted from Thomas Brewton's fine site "The View From 1776" (I urge you read the entire timeline here to learn about the growth of socialism and social justice in all its subtle entirety).
1750 - 1780s - French philosophers of the Revolution (Rousseau, Diderot, Condorcet, Turgot, Voltaire, et al) begin propagandizing for social justice via revolt against the monarchy and the Catholic Church.

1825 - Henri de Saint-Simon systematizes revolutionary doctrines into socialism; publishes The New Christianity, which calls for a catechism of socialistic morality, called social justice, to replace the religion of Christianity. Government is to be by councils of intellectuals and managers empowered to regulate all economic activity. Education will be under intellectual control to insure that only socialism is taught.

1822 - 1842 - Auguste Comte in 1822 publishes System of Positive Philosophy, which is carried to Germany by his young pupils studying with German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, thus cross-pollinating German statist and French socialist philosophies. Comte's socialist positivism becomes widely studied in German universities. Comte's Positivism denies existence of God and reality of religion and morals; only reality is things detectable by senses like sight, smell, and hearing; creates The Religion of Humanity, which says that the object of worship is humanity itself; "discovers" the Immutable Law of History that supposedly pushes human society inevitably toward perfection under a government of socialized regulatory control directed by intellectuals.

1870s - German universities, medical science, chemistry, physics, historical and classical scholarship become the finest in the world. American scholars who aim for advancement in American universities attend German universities, where they absorb the prevailing Hegelian statist and French socialist philosophy. Harvard and Yale convert from schools to train ministers of the Gospel to secular universities, focusing in the social sciences on promulgating the new "scientific" socialism. Johns-Hopkins University is established, modeled on the German universities. Only about 2 percent of Americans go to college, but those who do emerge as the first American liberal-socialists. The first group of American women go to college, emerge openly socialists, working predominantly in the social services such as Jane Addams's Hull House settlement house in Chicago and similar organizations in other cities. Their goal is to convert America from private property ownership to socialized regulation of the economy. Caring for the less fortunate is transformed from a moral issue, handled by churches and local social organizations, into a national political issue of socialistic "fairness.

Notice the modern morphing from the old moral issues of poverty into fairness now being a moral issue.And what has never been explained to me is how, from a Christian Church where we supposedly worship a God who calls force and coercion evil, Who specifically wrote a commandment against stealing (meaning taking what doesn't belong to you) and another against coveting (meaning wanting something that doesn't belong to you), how these people in this church call for "Social Justice" that inflicts injustice, by force, against people who are innocent bystanders. The Social Justice anarchists mob (there, I finally said it. I feel much better now) force programs on the citizens of the United States.,force them to work to pay for these programs that are neither effective, efficient nor lawful according to the commandments of my God at least, and supposedly the god they say they worship. But Social Justice is not justice. It is force. It is evil (there, I feel even better now). And the genesis of Social Justice was in the realms of secular humanism, to dethrone the God of Jacob, the God of the Founding Fathers.
Yup. I'm always amazed at how incredibly subtle satan is. He makes what is incredibly evil sound and look so good! And The Lord warns us, and warns us very pointedly about calling evil good and good evil in Isaiah 5:20, with the greatest admonition in the Bible: "Woe to you".
satan is excellent at what he does. The saving grace is that God is perfect at what He does.


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