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Friday, February 10, 2006

Coleen on "Ethics"

I found it ironic (after the photoshopping fiasco) that Coleen would make ethics an integral part of her speech last night.

She mentioned that she was at the Naval Academy recently (I swear she spends more time out of the district than she does in the district) and that she was "impressed" with their dedication to accountability. She then went on to say that the Bush Administration lacked that accountability and that people who made mistakes are still working in the administration making mistakes (guess she forgot that Michael Brown - for one - is no longer with the adminstration).

Of course, you knew she would bring up "the horrible corruption" surrounding the Abramoff connection - which is hysterical considering the story that came out today about how Senate Minority Leader Reid worked (much harder than previously revealed) on behalf of Abramoff clients. Coleen - ever heard the old adage about people in glass houses throwing stones?

While speaking about "accountability" she threw out the following quote "Bank robbers go back to the same places if they can get away with it". She threw that bon mot out in reference to how the Republicans keep going back to the national security issue.

She said that the Dems need to expose the lack of ethics in DC. On that we may agree, Coleen, but be careful what you wish for. It may come back to bite you in the rear if you are not careful.


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